About Us

TAL-KW is a non-profit, independent organization operated by a board of volunteer directors, which arranges lectures by professors and community experts.

Eclectic, continuing-education challenges for active, mature minds are presented every fall and winter in two afternoon series of eight lectures each. A refreshment break adds to the vibrancy of the exchange of ideas.

The organization has existed since 1988, when Ruth Clark, a founding member, spearheaded a group to form Third Age Learning in Kitchener-Waterloo. Other founding members were John Boulden, Miriam Butler, Bea Fleischauer, Florence Hayes, Jean and Carl Hennigar, Sally Jefferson, Trudy Motz and Vera Wood.  Originally, lectures were held in the Kitchener Auditorium. In the fall of 2002, because of increased membership, Third Age Learning moved to the Century Room at the Manulife Sportsplex, RIM Park, Waterloo. Fall 2013 saw a further expansion into the Forbes Family Hall at RIM Park in order to accommodate increasing demand.

Fee Policy

A series ticket, (8 lectures), costs $35. Space permitting, a day ticket ($6) may be purchased at the door just before a lecture.

2015 Annual Meeting

View the Minutes of the March 5th, 2015 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

View the Agenda for the March 3th, 2016 Annual Meeting

Privacy Policy: TAL-KW will keep confidential all personal information which may have been provided to it by its members or any other persons and will not disclose such information except to its auditors as requested and to its directors for the purpose of operating its programs.